A report titled 'Neo-collectivism' created by The Future Laboratory shows that community is a more valuable resource than ever. It unveils the consumer behaviors and trends shaping the future of care, commerce, and community.
The Brief:
Provide a window into a futuristic world using mixed media that emphasizes the importance of human networks and connections in a way that looks otherworldly and people-focused. 

Visual Execution:
The visual look and feel is a combination of lo-fi and hi-fi approaches to form a digital and moving collage, different layers showcase the complexity of connections between people, the world around us, and the way we interact.
Combining 2d & 3d Elements in a hi-fi / lo-fi collage
Typography Style / Animation:
Sharp type, sans serif that cuts through the busyness of the assets and feels directive and to the point.
The animation style starts with typography being disjointed and unconnected giving a sense of confusion to intrigue the viewer. The letters join together to form the title Neo Collectivism which also serves as a visual metaphor for community.
Early concepts / visual ideation:
Visual experimentation to find ways to show a future world with lots of bold colours, fun shapes, and energetic colours palettes/textures.
360-degree marketing campaign. All assets were created in the following dimensions 
to gain maximum reach across all digital platforms.
X6 Landscape (TW, LI, FB) 1920 x 1920 
X6 Square (IG feed) 1080 x 1080 
X6 Portrait (IG stories) 1080 x 1920 
X6 Linkedin (1000 x 500)
Agency: The Future Laboratory
Image Sourcing: The Future Laboratory
Art Direction: T​​​he Future Laboratory
Design: Sam Miles
Motion Design: Sam Miles
Compositing: Sam Miles
Video editing: Sam Miles
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