Underscore is a brand strategy and creative agency for business change, helping brands and locations to redefine their purpose and unlock their future potential.
'Get better connected'
The Brief:
Showcase the Underscore brand story and ethos in a minimalist fresh approach whilst incorporating examples of creative and strategic work. 
'All about you'
The Brief:
Hero the people and the work created at Underscore in an energetic and fast-paced fashion with a hybrid of work examples and collaboration between people on the team.
'A film for now' 
The Brief:
An emotive film created during the Covid-19 first lockdown. It focuses on the changing world around us and how teams and communities are working together.
Agency: Underscore​​​​​​​
Design: Underscore
Motion: Sam Miles
Videography: Sam Miles
Video editing: Sam Miles
Sound editing: Sam Miles
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